What Is Google AdSense And How To Earn With It?


Google AdSense is primarily Google’s advertising program, which provides advertising on websites. There are many ways to place ads on your website, but the most popular is Google AdSense.

This program was launched by Google in 2003 and is currently the most popular program. It provides ads to web experts. Google pays more than 10 10 billion to help people run ads.

If you also want to make money from Google AdSense then this article is important for you.

Benefits of Google AdSense:

  • Most companies run their ads and the advertisers use Google AdSense.
  • More than 10 million websites use Google AdSense.
  • The Google AdSense system is very transparent. Everyone here is given this right.
  • There are different forms of advertising. This can be in the form of text or image HTML as well as a video advertisement.
  • Advertising is extremely easy to place or remove.

How AdSense works:

The way AdSense works are extremely simple. First, you create an AdSense account, which is created from the email ID provided by Google. You copy and paste a code from AdSense that is HTML. Where you have to run the ad.

Google will show ads based on the likes and dislikes of the people who visit your website and thus you start earning revenue from Google.

People who visit your site are influenced by your content and Google is showing them ads according to their tastes. That way when they click on the ads, you are given a share of the cost of the ads, from which you actually earn.


Never click on the ads that appear on your website, as Google has an advanced system for tracking clicks. This way your account can be suspended.

How much you can earn from AdSense:

Google deducts money from advertisers’ accounts for clicking on ads. That way, he pays the owner of the advertising website 68% of the clicks.

Money depends on your CPC (Cost pre-click) and Competition. It can be clicked from 0.01 to 3%. This ad is short for bid. That’s why advertising on your website is your only source of income. Once you understand the point above, you can become a good content writer and this way you can sell your services in the online freelance marketplace.

You can write content about a particular topic on the online freelance marketplace or as a multi-tasker.

People may need good content for their social media, their website, and all other sources, and if you write you can earn good money. Another important thing for this is that you should be aware of the content writing as well as the demand of the user client and by having such content you can succeed quickly.

For example if you are writing content for any website, then it should be targeted to a specific word. And this way you can attract special audience to your post and this is what your client has demanded. If you become a content writing expert, you can also write your own book and publish it and that way you will be a good writer.

Traffic Is Your Money:

Traffic is your money. Most importantly, your earnings depend largely on your website traffic. When someone visits your website, you will not earn any money and you will get a low CPC. You must have 20 to 30 posts on your website before you can get an AdSense account.


  • Choose the most important topic
  • Gain knowledge on this topic
  • Create a website or blog
  • Do 20-30 posts
  • Share on social media
  • Apply for AdSense
  • And run the ad
  • Start earning

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