How to Earn Money from YouTube?


This is the question that comes to everyone’s mind when he thinks of making money online because he sees a lot of people around him getting rich from YouTube but he is useless. Successful with YouTube are only people who know how to work hard. If you can’t work hard then YouTube is not for you.

Do you know YouTube is half of the internet?

YouTube has 1.9 billion views. And they are growing every month. You load up to 500 hours of video every minute.

You can earn from YouTube when you have millions of views its reality.

You can only make good money from YouTube when your videos get millions or more views. That is the truth. But there are other ways to earn money on YouTube, let’s see.

Methods of earning Money from YouTube:

  • YouTube Partner Program
  • Sell ​​your product kit
  • Create affiliate content
  • Make money from your followers
  • Get your content media licensed

How to make money on YouTube by becoming a YouTube partner.

The YouTube Partner Program is a program that earns you money. You do not need anything special to participate in this program, you just need a YouTube channel and an AdSense account.

YouTube partners get paid not only from ads but also from many other sources such as subscription fees, fan tapping, super chat, and channel membership.

Do the following to work in the YouTube Partner Program.

1-Start Channel

Create your own channel on YouTube. Have a specific name for it and create content.

2-Make Your Channel Successful

The YouTube Parent Program policy requires 1,000 cesareans and 4,000 hours of watch time to subscribe.

3-Create Account on AdSense

Create your AdSense account Visit the official AdSense website or click here for guidance.

Turn on monitoring.

You must be 18 years of age and have a Connaught Advertising Friend to benefit from the new Monitor Attitude Policy.

Tips to earn from Youtube

Other ways of earning with YouTube.

1-YouTube premium revenue

If a YouTube Premium Member Ship user watches your videos, you will be given a part of its subscription fee.

2-Channel memberships

You must be 18 and over 30,000 subscribers to sell channel subscriptions so you can earn extra money.

3-Super chat payment

If you want your followers to give you some donations during the live stream, it can also be a source of income for them.

4- Create Your Merchandise:

Before you become a You Tuber, create a product in your mind as a creative thinker that you will sell once you become a successful You Tuber and earn money from it. Make your product designs for your merchandising and thus sell your product.

5-Affiliate Program.

You can share the link from any affiliate program-giving website on your YouTube so that you can persuade people to buy the product and this way your income can be increased.


There are many ways to make money on YouTube, but that’s all there is to it.

  • Hard work
  • Interest
  • urge
  • consistency
  • Believe
  • Research
  • Discover new ways
  • The hobby of learning.

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