How to Earn Money from Instagram?


Well, there are many ways to make money on Instagram, but here we will learn about some popular ways.

1-Sponsored posts:

If you have a large number of followers, the brand will contact you and will give you their posts which you will sponsor on your page, so you get revenue from these posts. To do this, you need to know your audience’s likes and dislikes. So that they can buy something from your sponsored product.

How Much Money Does a Sponsor Post Make?

Depending on your firewalls, you can post from $ 50 to $ 800.

2- Affiliated Marketing:

You can share your links and promotions on your Instagram. These links are from the company that offers you affiliate marketing. When people click on your links you get revenue. And some companies make special programs for high-fidelity accounts that you can take advantage of. You can put your link (text.).

3-Sell your own product:

You can sell your stuff to your followers instead of selling other people’s stuff. These things can be digital or free.

  • Put your product in your Instagram story.
  • Apply a buyable Instagram feed.
  • You can also provide the URL of your website.

4-Create an online store and convent into a brand:

Research has shown that 30% of people on Instagram buy what they see on Instagram.

  • You can sell your product in the following ways.
  • There are Instagram stories
  • By showing your product in the picture
  • There is a game or some other method
  • By taking a review from your binaries
  • You can also sell this product on Facebook Batch.

5- Brand promoter:

If you have a lot of followers, companies will find you and collaborate with you and post new information about their products, workshops, and products on your Instagram page, which people will know about. Is informed. This way your income also increases.

6- Give consultancy of Instagram marketing:

If you know about Instagram and you know that people on Instagram create an Instagram business you can help. So you are a good consultant you can help people to improve their Instagram account. You can also sell these services online at Freelance Marketplace. That way you can become a business expert, and earn good money.

7-Earn money by selling Instagram account:

People nowadays have more Instagram accounts with more followers. Find them and the fun part is that if you have the skills to increase followers, why not create an account today? Create followers and sell your account online. It can give you an income of $ 150 to $ 1000, but the bets are followers.

8-Earn money by selling photos and designs:

If you are a good photographer or designer, then Instagram is a wonderful opportunity for you to let people know about your work and earn money by selling your pictures, designs, paintings, and photographers online.


Instead of using every method to earn money from online Instagram, focus on just one method and then earn from it. My advice is elevated marketing.

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